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650mAh Starter Kit (Compatible with eliquid & cartridges)
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650mAh Starter Kit (Compatible with eliquid & cartridges)

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Experience the latest and greatest way to enjoy your ecigarette habit with the SimpleCig 650mAh starter kit. Guaranteed to outlast smaller 280mAh batteries the SimpleCig 650mAh starter kit perfectly accommodates both novice and experienced e cigarette users. Commonly referred to as an eGo battery, we recommend this kit for every user. With a longer battery life, the 650mAh battery is only slightly longer and heavier than our standard 280mAh battery. If you are used to smoking a pack of cigarettes or more a day this is the ideal battery for you. For those smoking a pack or more a day we recommend our 1100mAh battery. The raised 510 battery threading allows the battery to fit with both clearomizer tanks and SimpleCig e cigarette cartridges. Each SimpleCig 650mAh starter kit includes the following:

2 - 650 mAh manual SimpleCig batteries
2 - 2.0ml clearomizer tanks
1 - 10 ml empty eliquid bottle
1 - USB charger 
1 - Wall charger plug
1 - SimpleCig zip up carrying case

Your SimpleCig 650mAh battery works great with our regular SimpleCig cartridges. In fact we recommend this battery to all of our customers who use our refill cartridges!

How to Use your SimpleCig 650mAh starter kit

1. To turn your SimpleCig battery on, click the button at the base of your battery 5 consecutive times. Do not hold the battery button down for 5 seconds, you will actually need to 'click' the button. 
2. Once you have turned the battery on the button will illuminate blue and will blink 3 times. 

How to refill your electronic cigarette tank

1. After you have turned on your battery, you will then need to fill your clearomizer tank. To fill your tank you will first have to remove the black mouth piece. To remove, simply twist off. 
2. Once your mouth piece is twisted off, gently squeeze your eliquid bottle and drip eliquid around the rim of your tank. You will see the eliquid filling your tank.
Do not attempt to drip ejuice into the center hole. If you drip your e juice into the center hole you will flood the atomizer and void your warranty.
3. When your tank is full of eliquid, you can then screw your clearomizer tank back onto your battery. 
4. To use, press down the button located near the base of your battery. You will begin to hear the tank hiss, this means your atomizer is heating the e liquid solution. You will need to simultaneously puff, and press the button down to use. Puff on your e cigarette like you would a traditional cigarette and enjoy!


Please note: Do not attempt to refill your drip tip clearomizer while still screwed into your battery. Always remove the two pieces from one another while refilling with eliquid per risk of liquid getting onto the battery. Getting e juice in the battery threading and connector can potentially short your battery and cause permanent damage. If you damage your battery because of eliquid it will automatically void the 30 day warranty.  

How to charge your eGo battery

To charge, simply screw your SimpleCig eGo USB charger into your battery and plug into a USB adapter; either wall plug or USB port generally found on a laptop computer or PC. Your battery will need to charge for 3-4 hours if it is completely drained. A red light will illuminate on your USB charger while it is charging and will shine green when it is completely finished. 

Battery Caution: All e cigarette batteries are made from lithium ion, the same material used in cell phones and laptop computers. Avoid over charging your battery. Over charging your battery can lead to complete battery failure. Do not leave your battery plugged in unattended in your car per risk of explosion. Keep your battery out of direct heat. Do not attempt to light your battery with a heat source, ie; lighter, match, butane, or electrical. Attempting to ignite your battery can potentially cause explosion. SimpleCig after the battery has been sold. Do not use charging devices that are not made for charging SimpleCig batteries, this includes but is not limited to: cell phone chargers with USB outlets, Car Chargers made for Cell phones, Tablet USB Chargers (ie: IPAD, Nook, Kindle ect..).  Avoid charging your batteries with another companies USB charger per risk of battery failure.  All batteries have been checked by our staff before being distributed to the public. All batteries have been RHOS certified. 
Customer Reviews
Rating Thanks for the fast shipping
I have never dealt with an online company who ships packages as fast as SimpleCig. I seriously put my order in on Tuesday and received it Thursday. I greatly appreciate the abnormally quick service and superior products.
  Reviewed by:   from San Diego, CA . on 11/1/2013
Rating nice
Not bad, not bad at all! Lol battery has a decent life on a single charge.. of course the bigger mAh batteries will last longer, but this one is pretty cool!
  Reviewed by:   from MD. on 10/10/2013
Rating Awesome Find!
I have been using the smaller 280 type batteries.. Saw this kit online with free shipping and figured "why not" A lot different than what im used to. But I will admit that this style of battery has grown on me quickly! And the idea of using "juice" instead of cartridges is amazing!
  Reviewed by:   from CA. on 10/10/2013
Rating Great Products
This place is in my home town. I swing by on my way home at LEAST once a week. The staff is friendly and seems to know what they're are talking about. The best prices too. The place across town from them charge almost double. This place is legit and I recommend all my friends.
  Reviewed by:   from Corona, CA. on 9/23/2013
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