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Buy Wholesale Electronic Cigarettes

Thank You For Your Interest in Becoming a SimpleCig Electronic Cigarette Wholesaler!

The electronic cigarette industry is booming and right now is the perfect opportunity to be involved in this ground breaking industry. Sells of electronic cigarette are expected to reach 1.7 billion in 2013 alone, almost tripling last years revenues of 600 million dollars. With the FDA currently tying to pass legistlation to ban the sells of e cigarettes online in October, e cigarette consumers are guaranteed to flood their local Vapor Retail stores for all their e cig needs. Don't get caught without inventory; SimpleCig has you covered. 

SimpleCig only users the best electronic cigarette technology available on the market today. We invest highly to make sure all of our products meet and exceed industry standards so that all  of our customers are more than satisfied with flavor quality, vapor production and product performance. 

At SimpleCig we make it easy for just about anyone to become a wholesaler of our widely used and sought after products. SimpleCig electronic cigarette wholesale is available for orders as low as $350 to qualifying individual wholesalers. We offer competitive pricing margins from 100% to even 400% depending on order volume. 

SimpleCig values each and every one of our wholesaler partners and strive to provide all the tools necessary to succeed. We can individualize a custom wholesale package to best accommodate your individual or companies needs with choices of variable media, signage and retail collateral. 

To get started please click the below link and fill our our SimpleCig Wholesale Partner Register Page.