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Why Choose SimpleCig Electronic Cigarettes?

- Simple assembly
- Smoke virtually anywhere
- Low cost
- No secondhand smoke or tar

Experience the simplest way to satisfy your nicotine craving. SimpleCig electronic cigarettes feature rich flavor plus the look, feel and sensation of a traditional cigarette. With SimpleCig you can smoke anywhere without the smell of lingering cigarette smoke. No more odor in your home, office or on your clothes.

Your SimpleCig comes fully charged and can be used right out of the package. The simple two piece technology allows for effortless vapor every time. For those who want a little more out of their ecigarette, SimpleCig carries 650, 900 and 1100mah starter kits which are easy to use and are 100% compatible with our popular SimpleCig cartridges.

Electronic Cigarettes are the new smoking alternative free from:

- Secondhand smoke
- Tar
- Carcinogens
- Odor
- Poisonous additives

Make SimpleCig your ecigarette choice today and discover why millions of smokers across the world have already made the switch to electronic cigarettes!

What’s in it? We simply use the best ingredients on the market today. Our flavors and quality go unmatched to other electronic cigarette brands. With three of America's favorite tobacco blends along with menthol and designer flavors like peach, vanilla, coffee, cherry and watermelon your guaranteed to find the flavor you've been looking for. To find more information on ingredients used; visit any one of our product pages. 

SimpleCig Electronic Cigarette Battery

More battery power, stronger vapor, more flavor. Get more out of your electronic cigarette with SimpleCig 280mAh, 650, 900 or 1100mah e cigarette battery. Simply twist your flavor cartridge onto your SimpleCig battery, puff and enjoy smooth flavorful vapor. Our batteries are guaranteed to outlast most ecigarette batteries you'll find at your local convenience store with up to 2-5 hours worth of continuous vaporizing per charge. Trust us, you'll feel the difference with just one puff!

Our SimpleCig 650, 900 and 1100mAh batteries are the best quality eGo style ecigarette on the market today. Easy to use, both novice and experienced e cig users will be able to enjoy any one of these size ecig batteries. You can also enjoy any size SimpleCig battery with any one of our electronic cigarette refill cartridges. Simply twist and enjoy your favorite flavor cartridge.

Built in Cartridge Atomizer

The SimpleCig all in one cartridge and atomizer seamlessly unite into one disposable piece, making for convenient fresh and longer lasting vapor. Unlike a two piece ecigarette cartridge, our electronic cigarette refill cartridges will last you up to 20 traditional or approximately one pack of traditional cigarettes saving you time and money!

Flavored  Cartridges

SimpleCig wants to provide you with the authentic sensation of traditional cigarettes smoking. In order to do so, we have handpicked an array of America’s favorite traditional cigarette flavors. Available flavors are: Full Flavored Premium Tobacco, Western Blend, Turkish Blend, Menthol, Coffee, Cherry and Vanilla, Peach and Watermelon. All orders ship within 24 hours and are backed by our 30 day 100% satisfaction money back guarantee.