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Electric Cigarette Cartridges

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SimpleCig cartridges are a user friendly disposable two-piece design which combine both an atomizer and flavor cartridge in one. Our cartridges come in several different flavors and are available in four different nicotine strengths including non nicotine. Available for you are zero (or non nicotine) light medium (1.1mg) medium high (1.8mg) and max strength (2.4mg). Max strength is reserved for tobacco and menthol blends. Whether you are trying to step down your nicotine intake or just staying at one strength, our electronic cigarette cartridges make finding what you’re looking for in an e cig simple.

E-Cigarette Cartridge Flavors

Each SimpleCig cartridge is individually wrapped and sealed with a silica tip end cap to ensure you receive only the freshest quality ingredients each and every time. SimpleCig ecig filters come in three different tobacco flavors which encapsulate America’s most favorite and distinct tobacco blends: Western, Traditional Tobacco and Turkish. Other flavors available iinclude: Menthol, Vanilla, Cherry, Peach, Watermelon, Banana and Coffee.

SimpleCig Western blend captures classic Americana domestic tobacco flavorings holding familiar and similar taste most everyone is used to. Western Blend is a perfectly balanced blend of Virginia Tobacco both undeniably smooth, mildly spicy and subtlety robust.

Traditional Premium blend Tobacco is full flavored, full bodied, perfectly bold and balanced tobacco flavoring reminiscent of roll-your-own tobacco cigarettes. Perfect for those who crave unfiltered tobacco sensation and flavoring.

Turkish blend is SimpleCigs mildest blend of Tobacco
. Turkish embodies smooth, mellow and subtlety sweet Turkish tobacco with undertones of spice and refined chocolate flavor notes. Ideal for “Camel” brand smokers.

Let our coffee blend be your perfect way to start your day. Coffee cartomizers are an ideal alternative for any of our Tobacco or Menthol Blends.

Escape the day with Vanilla. Let the rich and smooth tantalizingly sweet vanilla vapor be your affordable luxury.

Cherry blend refills are truly fruity, delectably sweet and irresistible alternative. A mouthwatering option and a definite must try!

How Long Does Each Refill Cartridge Last?

Refills last approximately 18-20 cigarettes or 300 puffs worth of smoking before a necessary e liquid refill or disposal. Each cartridge can be refilled up to 2-3 times with e liquid before it will need to be disposed of. To learn how to refill your own cartridges click here

How E-Cig Refill Cartridges Work

SimpleCig uses an all in one cartridge and atomizer design. The two piece design is called a cartomizer. In short, the cartridge is powered by when the user puffs on their ecig like they would a traditional cigarette. When air is passed through the cartridge it instantly activates a flow sensor within the e cig battery. The battery then triggers and heats the atomizer within the cartomizer which in turn vaporizes an eliquid solution within the cartridge. The user inhales and exhales like they would a traditional cigarette.  

Electronic Cigarette Cartridge Review

Let us start by saying we know taste is subjective, but we are positive you will enjoy SimpleCig cartridges. SimpleCig hands down supplies the best tobacco flavors the ecig industry has to offer. We are so convinced you will enjoy our cartridges that we have backed them with a 30 day guarantee. If by chance you are not happy with your purchase simply return it absolutely free.
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1 Pack of electronic cigarette cartridges (5 cartomizers included)
1 Pack of electronic cigarette cartridges (5 cartomizers included)
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