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Electronic Cigarette Liquid

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Using eliquid can be the most cost effective way to maintain your electronic cigarette experience. With a 30 ml bottle being the equivalent to approximately 350-400 traditional cigarettes, it's easy to understand why so many customers are beginning to use a DIY eliquid method to fill their own cartridges.

What's E Juice Used For?   

E Juice (also called liquid nicotine, electronic cigarette liquid and E liquid) is the solution inside of your e cigarette cartridge that vaporizes when heated. Inside the cartridge there is a poly fiber filler which holds the eliquid solution. When the atomizer is heated the solution vaporizes and the user will inhale and exhale like they would a traditional cigarettes. E Liquid can be purchased separately so the user can refill their own electric cigarette cartridge when needed. 

To experience ejuice at its best; we recommend purchasing our 650, 900 or 1100mah SimpleCig starter kits. Each starter kit comes with super charged batteries and CE4 atomizers which can heat the eliquid to its optimal flavor. The CE4 atomizers are easy to refill and are reusable up to one months worth of vaporizing. Because there is no poly fiber filler when using a CE4 atomizer; the eliquid flavor tends to translate a little more pure to flavor. 

Best E Liquid 

SimpleCig takes the guess work out of purchasing your favorite vaping flavor. We only carry the best tasting tobacco flavors, menthol and designer flavors. There is no trial and error moments, because all of our eliquid is guaranteed to satisfy even the pickiest.

SimpleCig eliquid is comprised of 70%PG 30% VG. We find these percentages best authenticate the sensation of traditional cigarettes smoking.Our flavors use only the best base ingredients and are available in 0%, 1.1%, 1.8% and 2.4% nicotine. Always keep in mind, the nicotine strength will affect the "throat hit" of your ecigarette. A stronger nicotine strength will replicate an unfiltered throat sensation, where to a zero nicotine will be extremely light on the back of the throat. A full list of eliquid ingredients are listed on each one of our product pages. 

Electronic Cigarette Liquid Reviews

At SimpleCig we know taste is subjective, but we also know that we carry some of the best tasting tobacco favors around! Unlike a lot of sites who sell one generic tobacco flavor, SimpleCig carries three of the most popular tobacco flavors around. If for some reason you are not happy with your selection, SimpleCig offers a 30 day guarantee. Simply return your product withing 30 days of purchasing and we'll exchange it for a different flavor absolutely free. 
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10ml eliquid juice
10ml eliquid juice
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30ml E liquid juice
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E liquid
E liquid
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