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Electronic Cigarette Replacement Battery (280mAh)
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Electronic Cigarette Replacement Battery (280mAh)

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Don't wait until your battery gives out! Make sure you're prepared with a backup battery. Also, with having an extra battery, you won't have to be stranded without an electronic cigarette due to the fact that your only battery is currently being charged.

There are two choices in selecting your SimpleCig electronic cigarette battery; classic or extra 100

SimpleCig classic batteries are perfect for both novice and advanced electronic cigarette users. SimpleCig classic batteries are designed to replicate the same authentic size and feeling of a traditional cigarette and come standard in all SimpleCig kits. SimpleCig extra 100 batteries provide longer life and provide stronger vapor for those who need to smoke more between charges. 

Classic Battery (Same size as a traditional cigarette)

280mAh battery power

3.7 Lithium ion

Lasts approximately  20 cigarettes (or 1 SimpleCig cartridge) before needing a recharge

2 hours charge time 

Both SimpleCig classic and extra 100 batteries come 70% charged and ready to for use right out of the package. For optimal performance SimpleCig recommends a pre-charge of about one to two hours before use. On average both SimpleCig batteries will need to be charged for 2 hours.

SimpleCig Battery Tips

To get more longevity out of your battery, make sure to take it off the USB charer right after it is done charging. You will know your SimpleCig battery is done charging when the LED light at the end of your cigarette turns off. Leaving your battery on the USB charger for too long will shorten the lifespan of the battery. SImpleCig recommends charging your battery before it has been completely drained.

Avoid overcharging your battery. Overcharging your battery could cause damage and complete battery failure.

How to prevent overheating

To avoid the possibility of your battery overheating, the user should not continuously use their e cigarette for long periods of time. You will know your e cigarette is over heated when the device is warm to the touch. Also over heating can cause an undesirable bad flavor from your cartridge. If you experience an overheated battery, set the device down, wait for it to cool off, and replace the cartridge with a fresh new one. Also, avoid over charging. Over charging your electronic cigarette will shorten the life span or possibly destroy your battery.

How To Dispose Of An Electronic Cigarette Battery

Lithium-polymer batteries are environmentally friendly. For safety reasons, its best that the Li-Poly batteries be fully discharged before disposal (however, if physically damaged it is NOT recommended to discharge them before disposal). The batteries must also be cool before proceeding with disposal. Here are the best instructions for disposal of your e cig batteries: place the battery into a plastic container (do not use a metal container) of saltwater that allows the battery to be completely submerged (use 1/2 cup of salt per gallon of cold water). This container must be covered. Soak the battery in the salt water for a minimum of two weeks after which the battery can be thrown away through your regular method of waste disposal once it is wrapped it in newspaper or paper towels.


SimpleCig batteries have passed, certified as safe and are ROHS compliant before being sold and distributed to the public. Any outside tampering or modifying your battery after being sold can be potentially hazardous. SimpleCig will not cover any battery damage, and is not responsible for tampering or modifying damage after it has been sold. 

Electronic cigarette batteries are made from the same lithium ion material as laptop computers and cell phone batteries. Always avoid leaving your battery in extreme heat. Do not attempt to ignite your electronic cigarette battery with a lighter or any other objects that produce fire. Extreme heat, will cause combustion. Keep your electronic cigarette battery away from extreme heat!

Customer Reviews
Rating Battery
Have just received the 280mah battery and will order more. Good to have an extra around.
  Reviewed by:   from Aurora, IL.. on 1/18/2014
Rating Great stuff!!!!
These are some of the most reliable batteries anywhere! These are the best 280mAh batteries for the price I have found. They last a whole smoking day and they charge fully in less than 2 hours! AWESOME! Keep up the great work SimpleCig! Big Luvz!
  Reviewed by:   from philly. on 1/13/2014
Rating Battery
I love these batteries, they work wonderful....
  Reviewed by:   from Running Springs, CA 92382. on 1/5/2014
Rating Mr.
I ordered two. One is working excellently, the other broke during the second charge. (The ignition button jammed in the battery cylinder and would not dislodge.) I tossed the broken battery. This rating is based on the performance of both batteries.
  Reviewed by:   from Chula Vista, CA. on 2/21/2013
Rating cool
I love how the battery is manual so its not constantly draining the life of the battery.. Lasts much longer, and is ten times more reliable than anything else I've tried!
  Reviewed by:   from FL. on 11/12/2012
Rating Wonderful
Battery life lasts so long. An absolute must for those that need an extra battery, for work or car.
  Reviewed by:   from Delaware. on 11/7/2012
Rating Better
Im soo happy i bought this longer lasting replacement battery! It lasts soo much longer than my other batteries on a full charge! Sure you have to press the button, but thats a small price to pay if you ask me!
  Reviewed by:   from San Diego CA. on 10/12/2012
Rating I love my SImpleCig!
I've tried all three tobacco flavors from SimpleCig and I've got to hand it to them they really have something here. The taste is great and the price is right! Two thumbs up from Terri in Washington DC!
  Reviewed by:   from Phoenix, AZ. on 7/15/2012
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