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Electronic Cigarette Store in the San Diego area

Posted by Administrator on 3/16/2013
Ok we admit our store is not in San Diego. But relax, before you jump off this page.take a moment to view our address. If We are located at 1785 Pomona rd. in Corona, CA 92880. So although we are not actually a physical store in San Diego we are a local e cigarette supplier who is within an hours drive. If you place an order with us your e guaranteed to receive your order within 48-72 hours, more often than not you will receive your order within 24 hours. Now if you're ever on your way up to the mountains or on your way to Las Vegas stop by our location were only 5-10 minutes off the 15 free way in the City of Corona. 

We are the local electronic cigarette store in the San Diego area you've been looking for!

SimpleCig offers a variety of ecigarettes and replacement cartridges plus eliquids to choose from. For those who are looking for variable voltage devices and ego style batteries we offer these in our physical store as well. Place your orders online or give us a call at 888-903-6401 with questions or to place an order by phone. We thank you for taking the time to read this page and we look forward to sending you free samples so sign up to our newsletter on the left hand side of this page and you'll be happy you did! Now you can get premium eliquids at the best prices around without having to fight San Diego traffic trying to make it to the local e cig store. 

Make no mistake about it, if you want electronic cigarettes in the San Diego area call us first as we have the freshest ecigarette cartridges and eliquid in the business. 

Simple Cig takes working with our local customer seriously. We know that once you experience the joy of using your SimpleCig that you'll love it. Therefore as a la local company who first started in Southern California we want to extend to you our very special low low price for all San Diego residents. Now you can use the coupon code "padres" when making your purchase. If you use the coupon code "padres' when making your purchase today you will save an additional 15% off your order. Simply click on the buy now button located at the bottom of this page to begin shopping with our online store. Or you can always call us at 888-903-6401 to order by phone. If you're not ready to make a purchase today but you would like to stay up to date on the latest special offers, discount codes and giveaways then simply enter your email address on the left hand side of the screen. 

SimpleCig has the lowest prices on e cigarettes in the San Diego area. Use coupon code "padres" to save an additional 15% OFF your next purchase with us. Simply click on the buy now button located at the bottom of this page or click on any of the item categories on the left hand side of this page for more information regarding our e cig products. 

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