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Lowest prices on Regal e cig refills available here!

Posted by Tiffany on 2/1/2013
Are you looking for new place to buy your Regal electronic cigarette cartridges? Are you tired of being auto billed monthly to upkeep your Regal electronic cigarette filters? Don't be over charged for your Regal cartridge refills again. SimpleCig offers affordable refill cartridges with absolutely no strings attached. All of our transactions are one time per, so you never have to worry about surprise billing. We dare you to compare our prices with your current ecigarette provider. We charge under $15 for a pack of cartridges and only $9.95 when you buy 15 packs or more at a time. Regal will charge you nearly TRIPLE for these same exact cartridges. If it's a great tasting ecigarette at an affordable price you're looking for, then you need look no further as SimpleCig has the great deals you want. Note - You will need to purchase an 808d adapter. Please see the adapter category for more information. 

Regal e cigs is really not free. Read this article first before you try the Regal e cigs free trial. 

When you buy your e cig refills with SimpleCig you wont only be getting industry leading technology, but  you'll be able to pick from a variety of cartridge flavors. Our customers have fallen in love with our flavor variety including three of Americas most popular Tobacco blends, as well as, menthol, clove, cherry, vanilla, and coffee. Rest assured, all of our products have been SGS certified, RHOS compliant and FDA approved as 'safe'. Plus, you'll never have to wait for potentially long "processing time" because all of our orders are shipped within 24 hours of placement. In fact, most of our customer's receive their products within 3-5 days of placement. So if you are looking for a new e cig company, choose SimpleCig. 

We dare you to compare our prices and our products with the free electronic cigarette trial offered by Regal e cigs. If you've already purchased a regal ecig starter kit do not worry as we have replacement refills, filters and cartridges.

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