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No flame e cig cartridges and electronic cigarette refill filters. Read our review.

Posted by Tiffany on 2/4/2013
If you need compatible cartridges or refills for your No Flame e cig, we have them here. Some electronic cigarette brands like No Flame e cigs use free trial offers to entice customers to enroll in a monthly membership/program. The disadvantage associated with the No Flame electronic cigarette free trial is that the electronic cigarette starter kit really isn't free. Examine the terms and conditions of the No flame e cig free trial and you'll quickly see that their electronic cigarette starter kit really isn't free at all. 

Don't fall for the free electronic cigarette trap! Free electronic cigarette starter kit programs really aren't free! Read more about the no flame e cig program below. 

SimpleCig electronic cigarette transactions are a one time transaction. SimpleCig  does not offer ANY free electronic cigarette trials offers. All purchases made through the SimpleCig website are ran through a secure gateway making all credit card transactions safe. Plus when you buy with SimpleCig you wont have to worry about high or "membership" prices because everything can be purchased at comfortable price points that wont break the bank. An added bonus? No more waiting long processing or shipping time, your purchase will be mailed out the same day you place the order. Plus all of our products are backed with a 30 day money back and product guarantee. If you are not happy with your products simply return it and we'll exchange it or refund you absolutely free. 

Read real reviews on our no flame e cig here on this website. We offer the most up to date no flame e cig reviews anywhere on the Internet. 

For more information about any of our SimpleCig ecigarette products, please feel free to browse through our website where we have all the information you would need at your fingertips, or call 888-903-6401 to talk to one of our representatives. 

If you already own a No flame electronic cigarette starter kit do not worry we have compatible replacement cartridges, filters and refills for your no flame e cig battery here. 

Often times customers who've been stuck on the No flame e cig free trial membership plan call us and ask us how we can offer e cig cartridges nd replacement batteries at such a low low price. It's Simple really, SimpleCig believe that in a thriving new industry such as electronic cigarettes only the truely committed companies who are loyal to their customers will in the end rise to the top, and SimpleCig intends to be the e cig distributor you've been looking for. We encourage you to shop online and view the prices of our competitions aon websites such as After you've determined that SimpleCig is the best choice for you simply come back to to place your order or give us a call at 888-903-6401. 

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Antonio Espinosa Date 1/19/2014
Was wanting to quit smoking real cigarettes for quiet a while now because, after smoking for 46yrs., I developed smokers cough. Was almost going to order the No flame e-cig when a friend filled me in on info about the No flame e-cig. I was amazed at the bad write ups from different people who got sucked up into their "free trial". I also read about them in a Better Business Bureau report. Bad reports from them also. I am glad I followed my friends advice about shopping else where. Was looking at an e-cig at a quick mart when another customer says to me "go online and search for simple cig.. Best prices on the net". Took his advice and can now say that I made the right choice. Ordered the Turkish blend (the taste is so smooth) and a battery and will order more in the future. The wife doesn't smoke but likes that the house isn't a "big stinky ash tray" like she used to call it. Thank you simple cig., you have everything a person needs to keep on smoking without all the bad stuff found in real cigarettes and am HAPPY to say that I don't cough like I once did. Now if I can get my daughter-n-law to switch. Thanks again and you'll be hearing from me.
Joshua Date 3/26/2014
Are your cartridges compatible to the no flame I have one and I don't want to pay gouging prices for there cartridges
Joshua Date 3/26/2014
Are your cartridges compatible to the no flame I have one and I don't want to pay gouging prices for there cartridges
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