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Optima E Cig Cartridges, Refills & Filters CHEAP!

We've heard it time and time again here at SimpleCig. Poor unsuspecting customers who've fallen for the free electronic cigarette email trap! We know how frustrating it can be. At first you're excited about an email offer that you've received for a free optima e cigs electronic cigarette. Only to find out after a few weeks that you're credit card is now the personal piggy bank of optima e cigs. If you've already purchased an Optima e cigs starter kit from a free trial offer and now you're looking for the best deal on compatible Optima Cigs cartridges and replacement refill filters you came to the right place!

Don't be fooled by the free electronic cigarette starter kit trap! Nothing in life is more below!

SimpleCig dares you to compare! We offer the lowest prices on premium ecigarette starter kits, electronic cigarette cartridges and e juice. All of our products are sent within 24 hours of placing your order online or by phone direct from our warehouse in Corona, CA. If at at any time while shopping on our website should you have questions regarding our products or compatibleity with your exsisting electronic cigarette or filters rom such brands such as optima cigs. 

SimpleCig is the leader in providing Optima e cig customers with the best prices on replacement refill cartridges, filters and replacement batteries. 

SimpleCig is available in a variety of flavors and nioctine strengths. We also carry nicotine free eliquid and e cig cartridges for those users who are looking for non nicotine options. 

Skip looking for the Optima Cigs reviews and buy from SimpleCig for a fraction of the price. We dare you to compare!

The Bottom Line...Optima cigs really isn't free at all, t's actually quite a bit more expensive than almost all the other e cig brands available on the market. We encourage those who are visiting this web page to do their due diligence prior to making their purchase. We know that if you look for the best prices on a comparable electronic cigarette kit on the market you will not find a lower price...we guarantee it! If you do find a lower price simply give us a call at 88-903-6401 for a price match. Don't take our word for it. Read the reviews on our website from real customers who are using our product right now! Electronic cigarettes are quickly growing in popularity and Simple Cig aims to be the leader in premium e cigarettes at the most affordable prices available. Again we ship all of our orders directly from our corporate office in Corona, CA 6 days a week within 24 hours a day. If at anytime should you have any questions regarding compatibility with your existing ecigarette from Optima cigs or any other ecigarette brand give us a call we would be more than happy to help you. 

If you want the best prices on compatible Optima electronic cigarette starter kits and batteries call us now! You can save over $1,000 annually by making the switch to SimpleCig. 

The Optima free electronic cigarette kit really isn't free. We dare you to compare SimpleCig electronic cigarette starter kits with those at Optima cigs. We know that after you read the reviews online and compare the Optima cigs free trial offer with the low low price of SimpleCig the decision will be easy. With SimpleCig you never have to worry about unsuspecting credit card bills. Simply place your order online or by phone whenever you need replacement refill cartridges or replacement batteries. Sign up to our weekly email newsletter simply by entering your email address on the left hand side of this page.